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Material Knowledge

Processing of
polyamide materials

In the last years, the SLS method or the printing of workpieces has become more and more established. H&U Scheffler GmbH took the challenge of surface treatment and colouring these workpieces at an early stage. We process printed or sintered workpieces with the following processes.

Here we are particularly proud that we have found solutions even for the finest and filigree parts in order to process them. We not only grind the surface but can also colour it in a wide variety of colours. Should the parts require special protection, we can also protect them from environmental influences with the help of special coatings.

Vibratory finishing

The workpieces are vibratory ground in the first process step. This gives the parts a very smooth surface. Due to different technologies we can offer you surfaces with different characteristics.


On request, we can blast your polyamide workpieces to achieve a graceful surface, which makes the colours more brilliant and the surface is densified so that the haptics of the workpieces are also significantly improved.


We dye your workpieces in the desired colour. The colour penetrates into the workpiece and does not only lie on it, this has the advantage that the workpieces receive their colour brilliance over a long period of time. You can choose from a pool of different available colours, our staff will be happy to advise you. If we do not have the colour in stock as standard, we will sample it and make it available to you.


On request, we can make your workpieces hydrophobic and thus less sensitive to environmental influences. We only use products that have passed all necessary skin compatibility tests.