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Stainless steel brought into shape.
Material knowledge

Finishing of filigree
stainless steel surfaces

The surface treatment of stainless steel is our passion and forms the basis of our business concept. As a rule, we process small parts in various geometries and shapes. From individual parts to series production, we are happy to handle all orders for you. Below you will find the process steps that can be considered for surface finishing. Should you also require further surface treatments, such as PVD coating, lacquering, galvanic coatings or a combination of these, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Vibratory finishing

This is the first process step in our production chain and forms the basis for a polished surface. Here the workpieces to be machined are not only deburred (edge rounding) but the surface is prepared for the subsequent processes. Due to the special customizing of our systems, we are also able to process very small and filigree workpieces without damaging the shape and surface.


The first step to a noble surface. The roughness of the workpieces is reduced with a special polishing grain and polishing agent carriers so that a shiny surface is created. Polishing takes place in our company using the wet grinding process and thus offers fast processing of the workpieces.

Drag polishing

We achieve high-gloss surfaces by drag polishing, in which the workpieces are pulled through a polishing granulate and receive a gloss, which is also suitable as an end product. Our own developed satellites also allow us to polish workpieces to a high gloss, which are normally only suitable for hand polishing. This enables us to process very large quantities very quickly.

Hand polishing

As an extra class finish we offer hand polishing, in which the workpieces are completely polished by hand and offer a very high-gloss surface. Furthermore, we can react even more specifically to the special wishes of the customer and offer unusual surfaces.


On request, we blast your workpieces to achieve a surface that appears more attractive. We use a wide variety of granulates such as glass beads or precious corundum. Here we can compact or mat surfaces.

Bending technology

As a full service provider we also support you with the bending of the parts, of course. Our trained employees have a special feeling for metal and its surface. There are different bending tools available, if necessary we can support you with the development of new tools.